Get started in NodeMCU

  • Build firmware from Marcel’s NodeMCU custom build cloud service.
  • Flash firmware by esptool-ck
  • For the Wemos D1 Mini, under Linux, the may not flash a bootable image unless -fm dio -ff 20m -fs detect is provided
    • If you miss these parameters, then the command /dev/ttyUSB0 74880 either stops with csum err or scrolls an endless error
    • One possible command line for a potential custom build, against the /dev/ttyUSB0 device:
port=/dev/ttyUSB0 --chip esp8266 --port $port \
   write_flash -fm dio -ff 20m -fs detect \
   0x0000 nodemcu-master-24-modules-2017-06-09-03-44-29-integer.bin
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