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-====== Products ====== 
-<btn type="​warning">​[[https://​wemoscc.aliexpress.com/​store/​1331105|Buy Now]]</​btn>​ 
-<panel type="​primary"​ title="​D1 Boards">​ 
-<​nspages ​ .:d1 -textPages=""​ -h1 -simpleList -sortByDate -reverse>​ 
-<panel type="​default"​ title="​D1 mini Shields">​ 
-<​nspages ​ .:​d1_mini_shields -textPages=""​ -h1 -simpleList -sortByDate -reverse>​ 
-<panel type="​success"​ title="​Raspberry Pi">​ 
-<​nspages ​ .:​raspberry_pi -textPages=""​ -h1 -simpleList -sortByDate -reverse>​ 
-<panel type="​danger"​ title="​XI -- AVR Arduino Boards">​ 
-<​nspages ​ .:xi -textPages=""​ -h1 -simpleList -sortByDate -reverse>​ 
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