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 </​jumbotron>​ </​jumbotron>​
 <​carousel>​ <​carousel>​
-<​slide>​{{:​products:​d1_mini_shields:​battery-1.png?​direct|}}</​slide>​ +<​slide>​{{:​products:​d1_mini_shields:​battery_v1.3.0_1_16x9.jpg?​direct|}}</​slide>​ 
 </​carousel>​ </​carousel>​
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 ===== Ports ===== ===== Ports =====
 ^Port^Introduction^ ^Port^Introduction^
-|XH2-2.54MM (Port 1)|Connect to lithium Battery (normal 3.3-4.2V)|+|PH2-2.0MM (Port 1)|Connect to lithium Battery (normal 3.3-4.2V)|
 |Micro USB (Port 2)|Charging port (normal 5V)| |Micro USB (Port 2)|Charging port (normal 5V)|
 |Green LED|lights when charging is completed| |Green LED|lights when charging is completed|
 |Red LED|lights when charging| |Red LED|lights when charging|
 |J1|setting max charging current, 0.5A or 1A.| |J1|setting max charging current, 0.5A or 1A.|
 +|J2|Connect battery to A0|
 ===== Documents ===== ===== Documents =====
   * {{ :​products:​d1_mini_shields:​sch_battery_v1.2.0.pdf |Schematic V1.2.0}}   * {{ :​products:​d1_mini_shields:​sch_battery_v1.2.0.pdf |Schematic V1.2.0}}
 +===== Version =====    ​
 +  * V1.2.0(current)
 +  * [[products:​retired:​battery_shield_v1.1.0|V1.1.0]]
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